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CHAT - Anyway to set it so someone entering room can see previous chat to everyone????


So I only realized recently if as host I type something into the chat box and other participants enter the room AFTER I have typed in the chatbox, that the new participants cannot see it.


Is there a way that I can type something into chat and anyone can see if whether they were in the chat room or not WHEN it was typed into the chat board??


I'm leaving simple instructions to follow for those participating and if there's late comers, I don't want to have to re-type or repost those instructions.





This is one of the most painful "features" of Zoom. Maybe if we got everyone who uses to Zoom to submit Zoom Feedback saying "Please allow users to see chat messages sent prior to their joining a call!" it would get fixed.


Maybe there's technical debt in the way chat messages are handled that makes it hard to give the full chat history to people as they join a call, but it is certainly annoying. People continually assume others can see the same chat messages (which isn't guaranteed) and, because you can't always track which latecomers saw which message, messages, links to shared notes, etc. get repeatedly posted to chat to ensure everyone can see them.


Just in the 0.00000001% chance that someone with knowledge or influence on how Zoom handles chat messages comes across this thread: please either (1) tell us Zoom is working on allowing everyone who joins a zoom call to see the call's chat history during the call or (2) tell us it's never going to happen and we can stop asking for it to be fixed. 😀


I agree. I wish that Zoom allow the entire chat to show in the chat as people enter the meeting. Our meeting often has Internet issues that prevent the members from joining timely. 




This would be a wonderful feature. Why does't Zoom introduce such a fix? Very easy.