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Assigning alternative hosts for my personal meeting room


Me and my colleague are co-running a series of meetings.

For convenience reasons we use my PMI [we don't want to schedule dozens of separate Zoom meetings].


I want to have my colleague as an alternative host for my PMI on a permanent basis, so either of us can run a meeting.

I followed this procedure:


And it works well for the next time I run a meeting on my PMI, but it disappears right after that.


How can I make it permanent?


Thank you



Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

Hi @idotz , thank you for posting your question in the Zoom Community.


If you would like to set a permanent alternative host to your Personal Room and any meeting scheduled with your PMI, you can add it to the Personal Room options.

This can be set in the Zoom web portal under Meetings > Personal Room. Click on Edit, scroll down to the Options and click on Show. In the Alternative Host field, add the address of your colleagues and Save.

This setting should apply to all the meetings that you schedule with the PMI.


Hope this helps!

It appears that even if you set the alternative host via the Personal Room Options, it only lasts for a week. Is that true? Is there a setting for permanent?