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3rd/ 4th etc. joiner not able to join audio


Hello all,

I have a basic account (free/ unpaid).

Recently I have been encountering a painful issue that if my meeting has more than 2 people, the 3rd or 4th etc. joiner cannot join audio. They get the message that 'The meeting does not support dial in or Call me to join. You cannot connect to the audio.' I can see them but not hear them. In the meanwhile, the first 2 people (me + 1st joiner) can see and talk normally.

Have some Zoom audio settings changed for the basic account?

Many thanks in advance!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello! Can you confirm what the audio type is for the meetings you currently schedule? For Free accounts, Computer Audio should be the only Audio Type available. You can go into and look for the Audio Type section (screenshot attached). 

Also, what method are your participants using to join your meeting? Are they trying to dial a phone number and enter the meeting ID or simply click on the link from their computers and join that way? Thanks!