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Integrating with Hubspot's Transcription & Analysis Tool


Zoom requires attendees to authenticate themselves prior to joining a meeting so Hubspot can authetica/create the attendee and transcribe the meeting. 


Basically, attendees need email address (Zoom account) so Hubspot can "match" the Contact in the Zoom Meeting with the Contact record on HubSpot.


This is frustrating because attendees without a  zoom account can't log into the meeting unless they create an account and that is not realistic when attendees are prospective clients.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Welcome, @awerem! Thank you for contributing for the first time! I understand that this functionality is frustrating to you and I appreciate you explaining how it would help to not have to sign up for a Zoom account first.

I highly encourage you to submit this feedback to our product teams for further review. Currently, they review all product feedback submitted via our feedback form


Zoom Community Team

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