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Zoom events ticket limits with webinars and meetings


Am I missing something? I hope there's a solution I'm not seeing.


For context, we are a small non-profit hosting a 2-day annual conference. We want to hold webinars for a series of presentations and panel discussion followed by an audience Q&A within the webinar. After each webinar, we like having a face-to-face conversation for to develop/strengthen relationships. Typically, we have about 150 people attending the webinars, and 10-30 people in the subsequent meeting to talk.


I have a Pro meetings account (99 attendees in a meeting) and an events account (500 attendees in webinars). When I create a Zoom Summit with only webinars, I can offer 99 tickets for panelists, alternative hosts, and speakers, AND 500 attendee tickets. When I create a Zoom Summit with only meetings, I can offer 99 tickets. That all makes sense.


But when I create a Zoom Summit with webinars and meetings, I can offer only 99 tickets including any panelists, alternative hosts, and speakers - for the entire summit. Given that I'm paying for 500 attendees at webinars and that Zoom encourages summits containing both webinars and meetings, it seems as though summit organizers should be allowed 500 attendees in webinars while limiting meetings to 99 attendees.


We do this conference once a year; it's the only time we need webinars or events. I don't mind paying for two months of Zoom Events (one month to set up, and then the month of the event). If the only answer to my problem is to also increase my meetings plan from Pro to Enterprise, then I must sign an ANNUAL contract for 500 meetings participants. Can I justify that added cost on top of our other annual conference expenses? I don't know.


Can anyone find another solution to this problem?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

HI, yes this is correct regarding zoom events meeting option being limited to 99 if your pro licence is 99.  While Zoom Events says 500.  I have brought this to the attention of the Zoom Events Product owner and manager but have not yet seen any change\update.  You should however be able to purchase a 500 or 1000 large meeting add on on a MONTLY basis on a PRO license.  No need for Business or Enterprise license.  You are invited to join my FB group