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Zoom Registration-Zoom Events


I'm trying to help some coworkers register for a company wide event on Zoom Events platform. While some are having no problems at all, others, cannot join the lobby after they click register to view and bookmark sessions. They are prompted to re-sign in after clicking Join Lobby and when they do so, it takes them to their zoom meetings page. Please help. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Every attendee to a Zoom Events/Conference must be logged  in to the account under which their "ticket" is issued. (Even if it's a free event and you're "invited", you still have to go through the registration process.)


I've had events where people are logged into one Zoom account (work, school) but then want to attend the event from their personal login.  You must register while signed into the Zoom web site on the account you will be accessing the event from.  If you do not have a Zoom account... you must obtain one -- even a free/Basic account is fine, but you must (did I say "must"?) be logged into the account under which you registered... and you should register under the account you are going to use to access.  (Sorry to be repetitive... some people don't really hear or understand until the umpteenth time.)


Once registered, log in at, then go to (or pick Solutions -> Events from the Zoom web page menu) and once there, look for the "ticket" for access - if you are already signed in, click the Sign In link and you should be right on the main Events page (looks different for event hosts).



There should be a blue Join Lobby button on the right:


Note: Access is "iffy" from phones and tablets (I'd say "impossible" -- but some claim to have done its successfully).


Once you click the Join Lobby button the Zoom Client will launch the lobby view.


Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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