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Webinar Waiting Room?


I'm hosting a webinar, and  have the waiting room setting enabled, however my attendees are still being allowed to join without going in the waiting room. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Webinar does not have a waiting room feature. If you are looking to only let in panelists and not attendees prior to the webinar, the practice session option would be the way to go for this use case.


Please take a look at the following link for more info: Webinar Practice Session 

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ok, I will try that. Thanks

While waiting, we must have the option to expose attendees to branding: logo, picture or video exactly like for the waiting room Zoom meetings.

Zoom's competition offers this feature.

Webinar waiting room + branding would really be useful. Any plan to add that feature?


Has the waiting room option changed?

I was viewing a Show me video on the Zoom learning site: manage Panelists & attendees in a webinar and at 1:38 in the video, the speaker mentions that attendees can be placed in a waiting room.  I tried setting up a test Webinar and was unable to see this option for attendees, but maybe I needed more attendees to have the option?   My  company has a "business" level account.

I have a webinar later today, my panelists are asking for an attendee waiting room (with a title slide for them to see and hear music?) is this possible? Ive been unable to see where these options are or if they exist.

A prompt reply would be really welcome!


I have the exact same question. I am planning a webinar and want to configure the room in which the participants wait for the webinar to begin during the practice session.
Is it possible to display information to the participants while they wait?
Best regards and thanks in advance!

Did you receive an answer to this?  I have the same question.


This answer is late but just in case someone else like me is looking for this answer... Bullet point # 2 below.


Limitations of Waiting Room

  • If the Waiting Room is enabled and set to capture all incoming participants, join before host will not work for that meeting. You can set internal account members or participants with a specific domain to bypass the Waiting Room. 
  • Webinars do not support Waiting Room. Use a webinar practice session as an alternative.
  • The Waiting Room is disabled by default for instant meetings and Zoom Phone calls elevated to a meeting. You can only enable Waiting Room for these meetings using the Security option in your in-meeting controls.
  • If two-way chat with Waiting Room participants is enabled, the host and all participants will be required to upgrade to the minimum version or higher to join meetings. Alternatively, participants unable to update due to IT restrictions, can join through the web client instead. 


I have the same question! 


Bumping this thread as it seems to still be a missing feature.  Can we PLEASE allow custom branding for the page that is displayed to attendees while in practice session?  This doesn't seem like a very difficult change and would greatly improve the Zoom Webinar experience.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Although this community forum is useful, the best way to get traction on an issue is through Zoom's official feedback process.

"Zoom welcomes your ideas, requests or comments about Zoom".

Submit your feature request or complaints here;

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