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To dispaly the Zoom Webinars on any page of the website.


Good Morning!!

I am using the "eRoom - Zoom Meetings & Webinar" this plugin and I have integrated this plugin with my zoom account. So my webinars are showing under the zoom webinars tab those I am creating with the help of this plugin "eRoom - Zoom Meetings & Webinar" from the dashboard like this:-

Here you can see that I have created one upcoming live webinars from the back-end by the name "Test Live" and it's showing as well on my zoom account under the zoom webinars  upcoming tab 
Here is the screenshot:-

So My concern is this, if I  create the webinars on my zoom account then those webinars are not showing on my website page. On that page, only those webinars are showing if i create form the back-end with the help if this plugin "eRoom - Zoom Meetings & Webinar"

Please help me how we can show the live and past upcoming webinars that are already created on the zoom account on any website page.

I hope it's clear to you.