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Screen sharing


Hello Dear Admin,
Warm greetings.
Please I would like to know why I’ve not been able to use the screen share option on my account as soon as my participate log into the meeting.
I(the Host) observed that when I’m the only one in the meeting room, the screen share option is active but the moment a participate logged in, the screen share option will show “you have been restricted from using the screen share”.
Please I will like this to be resolved as soon as possible. I have a meeting in the next 5 hours and I will like to be able to use the share screen option.
Thank you so very much.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @33, it sounds like you're experiencing the Host of the meeting joins and disables the screen-sharing privileges for participants. However, if you're the host I would check the following: 

  1. Look into your web portal profile settings > screen share or here for quick access, to make sure they're configured correctly.  
  2. While in-meeting as the host, you can check the security setting and make sure that Screen Share is checked.


I hope this helps! 


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You may want to check your web settings to see if "Disable screen sharing when guests are in the meeting" is enabled.


Hope this helps.





Hi, Rupert, can you tell me where "web settings" are to try that? I'm somewhat brain dead from running through all sorts of settings in Zoom trying to find a way to fix the same problem as the poster has and your answer sounds like it may be the fix but I've lost track of where to find things in all the lists of settings. I'm the account owner and those settings and admin and general seem to mirror each other but I'm not sure at this point —



Wait, disregard that, I found it, and yeah, that was on. Ahhh!

A whole meeting went down the drain because of that but we have rescheded and hopefully that is fixed now. Jeesh, one little button and a whole lot of bedlam. Thanks for your reply I've been slamming my forehead into the desk all evening over this.