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Reminder in webinar




I would like to ask support people in ZOOM company  if they can insert in reminder email some textbox, where I can explain in Slovak language what people should do. I am sending reminder but people (in Slovakia) don't understand english text. I have a big problem with it.  For example in webinarjam you can put your text in reminder.  Could you do some changes for countries in eastern Europe? Thank in advance for answer. ***********


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Under WEBINAR settings you can customize your mails.  Did you try that?


You can also create a Webinar Template that can be used for meetings with the Slovakians. Towards the bottom of the template are email settings that can be altered to include whatever text you want to display..


Or you can schedule  Webinar, then edit it and do the same at the bottom of the scheduled webinar. 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi argama,

You can modify the webinar reminder email.  Create the webinar first and then go back and edit it.  On the bottom is the option to change the reminder email.  You can change the text there and also choose how many reminder emails you would like to send.  Here is the link to the directions and I've attached a screenshot of my test site to show you where to look.  


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