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On-demand - can you create/update contact record in CRM with integration?


I have a direct integration with Zoom / Keap (my CRM). I have PlusThis that offers integration options. I also have Zapier, same thing. None of them seem to let me connect an on-demand webinar, only upcoming events. I want to set it up so that any new registrant for the on-demand event gets created/updated in my CRM. 


Zapier and PlusThis just don't even show my on-demand webinar as an option to use in the tool. 


The closest I'm getting is with the direct integration between Zoom / Keap, but it's still not working. Using the steps on this article: Don't know what I'm missing or if this is just simply not possible. 



I'm trying to do the same thing. Curious if you found a workaround or solution.


I've tried as well.  The http post is not working as it should. I was able to get attendees created using SharpSpring, so it leads me to believe that this is on the Infusionsoft side of things.  But trying to get legitimate help from Infusionsoft is like waiting for a miracle to happen.