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On-demand - can you create/update contact record in CRM with integration?


I have a direct integration with Zoom / Keap (my CRM). I have PlusThis that offers integration options. I also have Zapier, same thing. None of them seem to let me connect an on-demand webinar, only upcoming events. I want to set it up so that any new registrant for the on-demand event gets created/updated in my CRM. 


Zapier and PlusThis just don't even show my on-demand webinar as an option to use in the tool. 


The closest I'm getting is with the direct integration between Zoom / Keap, but it's still not working. Using the steps on this article: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/207927346-Using-the-Infusionsoft-integration. Don't know what I'm missing or if this is just simply not possible.