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OBS and Zoom video quality


Looking for help using OBS (or xSplit) with Zoom Webinar.  I run night classes nightly using Zoom Webinar.  I use my logoitech webcam and Sharing my screen so the students can follow along with class.  Which works as it should.  However I would like to improve the quality of my classes by using OBS or Xsplit where I can add overlays with lower thirds or images. I got both to work BUT when testing everything the quality for the Participant is very low. Once I have everything setup in OBS I start the Zoom Webinar. Rather then sharing my screen I select the OBS as my webcam. I no longer use share screen because OBS is no doing that as part of what is being outputted.  Zoom then displays what I have setup in OBS but its always blurry no matter what I do. To the point it is blurry even though the settings in OBS or Xsplit are set to a high output bitrate and 1080.  


Anyone proficient with using OBS or Xsplit with zoom that can help?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I would guess that you need to submit a request to Zoom support to enable high definition on your account. Depending on your Zoom license they’ll enable either 720 or 1080. You also must request high definition for webinar attendees, as this does not naturally occur with the first request only. 

You experienced better resolution previously because sharing shares at the native resolution, but at the sacrifice of a very low frame rate. 

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen