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Messed up when creating OnZoom public profile URL


I created an OnZoom profile to host an event. When asked to create a profile URL, I misinterpreted what was being asked. I created a URL that was relevant to that EVENT and did not understand it was a public profile URL under which ALL events would be housed.


I did read that you cannot CHANGE the public profile URL for OnZoom. I am wondering if there is a workaround. For example, can I delete the OnZoom account? (Of course, I don't want to delete my entire Zoom account in the process.) Is it possible to set up a second public profile URL? Any other suggestions?



I did the same thing! Did you ever figure out how to solve this??

I did the same and no one here on Zoom is responding.  🤣


Hmmm I did the same and no one here on Zoom is responding.  While our technology opens up vast possibilities it is becoming ever more frustrating that we cannot speak to an actual human and have to jump through online hoops to find an answer and for this question an answer is not coming! 🤣