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I need to change a Webinar Attendee's Email address


I am producing a Paid Webinar, so each individual gets a unique login.

An attendee just emailed me saying that they entered the wrong email address and do not have the Webinar Link.

Is there a way to change their email address in Zoom? I looked in the Webinar under Manage Attendees and Edit and can access her record, but can not update her email address.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



I do not believe there is a way.


I usually look to the API for edge-case solutions like this, but even there I do not see a way to update a registrants details (other then status).


You may just have to cancel that registrant and add a new one.


You could suggest this as a feature at




Thank you Rupert for the confirmation. As this is a paid event I can not cancel the registration and add it in manually.

I was able to copy her Registration Email that included her link and send it to her correct email address, letting her know she would not be receiving any of the pre or post event email communications.

Thanks again!