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Candidate Forum using Zoom Webinar and a Live Audience--Getting Echo



We are a small organization who is trying to put on a Candidate Forum for a local political race and need some help.

We have Zoom Webinar and works well during our practice sessions, however, when we go to the hall where we will be having a live audience it goes wrong.  Our speaker has the microphone to address the live audience, and what happens is those who are on the computer hear his echoing voice.  We tried to mute and adjust our settings, but nothing works.  We also moved computers so were not close by and nothing works.  Does anyone have any suggestions to remove the echo when doing a live performance and a Zoom Webinar together?  Appreciate the help, we are on a shoestring budget.


Zoom Moderator

Hey @slunasmna, do you know how the speaker is inputting their microphone to Zoom? And, are the participants in the same room as the speaker when in the Webinar? Trying to visualize your setup and see where the feedback and echoing may be coming from. You have the option to 'Leave computer audio', however, there will no be microphone inputs or speaker output. 


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