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calls to join meeting


How do I stop the constant calls I get to come to a meeting?  Is there anyway to silence them?   I have tried blocking the specific person who makes them but they still come through.  I turn on DND but they still come through.... I am becoming severally annoyed with them to the point that I am about to cancel zoom all together and move to another service.  further more - is there a way to remove the "meet with video option from the zoom chat channels?  i do not want that option to be there at all.  To be clear - I am speaking of the chat channels and NOT the in meeting chat. 


Zoom Moderator

Hi @djw1980 , welcome to the Zoom Community! 


Thank you for your contribution; I appreciate you explaining how silencing/disabling this feature would help you out. We do not have the ability to disable or enable the "Meet with Audio" feature in the Zoom desktop client currently, but this is a great suggestion! Our product team reviews all feature requests submitted via our feedback form  I highly encourage you to submit this feature. 


Thank you,

Zoom Community Team


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