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Audio Cuts in and out -


I am having problem on group zoom meetings with anyone being able to hear my voice. Apparently my voice "cuts in and out." I have been told this happens on Microsoft Teams meetings. My band width is 170Mbps up and 79.1 Mbps down



Zoom Moderator

Hey @Clearstream65 so this happens on both Microsoft Teams and Zoom? As your speeds may be high, are you experiencing any 'poor connection'? I responded to a similar issue as to 'cutting out audio' in this thread Microphone Issues check out my reply within the thread and let me know if the suggestion is helpful! 


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I have this issue too, but it's specific to Zoom (I've just tried Skype and I sound fine on there).  I have the paid version of Zoom. It's driving me mad as it's making it very difficult for me to have any work calls.  What would you suggest please? Ideally, I'd like to debug my Zoom account, but I have no idea how to do this. If not, then I'll probably to leave Zoom, as it's really not working for me at all. Thanks.


Dear @Clearstream65  ,

I have the same issue only with logitech's microphone.

What do you use ? The computer's built-in microphone or an external microphone ?