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Gelöst! Can't cancel my plan or remove my credit card

I was trying to switch my account from US -> AUS I clicked cancel and it did not give me the options to add a plan. So I clicked "Reactivate". And now I can't edit the plan. It says I need to contact support but it's been 3 business days and there's ...

CFong von Listener
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Zoom Meeting on Apple TV

I installed the new "Zoom for Home TV" on my Apple TV 4k, but need some instructions and how to use it.Do I join a meeting first on my iPhone or Apple TV?

faengelm von Listener
  • 6 Anzeigen
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Zoom Not Working with ManyCam

Yesterday my camera would not work through ManyCam. A black screen appeared where my picture should have been displayed. I'm a basic user, using Zoom for teaching students around the world. I create my lessons in ManyCam and need to be able to use th...

jdempsey15 von Listener
  • 548 Anzeigen
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NEW Feature - Report Scam Button on the Tool Bar

For example I watch scams and progress all the time, why not have a simple button to report a company that is promoting a Ponzi scheme or Scam via ZOOM on the toolbar. Here's an example of a problem that I spent all day long reporting and I never get...

Danny_de_Hek von Listener
  • 35 Anzeigen
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Outlook Plugin

My laptop computer has tried to download Outlook plugin unsuccessfully. How do I get my computer to remove the attempt or to install it successfully?I did get their "How to access the meeting schedule email template. it did direct me to ...

Don6 von Listener
  • 28 Anzeigen
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Epos s6 video lens cannot be the default lens

The computer equipment I am currently using is: MACBOOK AIR has an external conference camera with a lens of epos s6When using FaceTime, the s6 conference camera can become the default lens, but as long as the zoom meeting is usedIt can't become a de...

Leo_614 von Observer
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Gelöst! Stop lowering my hand!

Recently a change was made to auto-lower raised hands when people stop talking. This is not working and we use the RAISED HAND for stand-ups and stand-downs to show who hasn't gone yet. Now, the system keeps lowering hands because someone may comment...

drosselli von Attendee
  • 8788 Anzeigen
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Turn Off Auto Frame in Zoom Only

Hello, I have been googling and searching this and no one has an answer. I have an NEXIGO camera. Auto frame is off for the camera settings itself. This does not happen in OBS, camera, skype, or anything else. ONLY in Zoom. I want to know how to turn...

JenZeppa von Observer
  • 24 Anzeigen
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