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I can't livestream to one of my Facebook groups.


I have made sure I'm in the correct admin account in zoom, the Facebook setting is checked in advanced settings in zoom, I have added the zoom app to my Facebook group and when I go to stream live from zoom the group I want to stream to does not come up.  I saw somewhere that Facebook does not accept the latest zoom app but that doesn't make sense as its an option on the Facebook platform.  I have spent five hours on this an am going a crazy with frustration.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @MeganK2 welcome to the community! Apologies on the frustration you've had with attempting to live stream to your Facebook Groups. 


There are some other discussions around your issue, have you looked into these discussions with solutions to see if any of the suggested solutions resolve your issue? 


Please let me know if any of the listed discussions were able to resolve your issue! If not, I'd be happy to assist with further troubleshooting! If you don't mind sending me a screenshot or the exact text of the error message when attempting to live stream? Thanks!

Zoom Community Moderator

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