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Issues in the Zoom's New Whiteboard


Have been playing around with brand new Zoom whiteboard feature. Overall it looks great but I encountered some issues so far I'm hoping other users or Zoom staff can help troubleshoot: 


1) I found that I could work on a new whiteboard in a meeting as a host that was visible to my participants but participants were unable to contribute to/ collaborate in the whiteboard even though I selected the option to all participants to be able to edit. Anyone else having this issue?  

2) Another user, (one of the participants in my meeting) had pre-built a whiteboard in their zoom account outside a meeting and shared it with the zoom account I was using. It did show up in the whiteboard dashboard of my zoom account but when I went to open whiteboard in that meeting the whiteboard that had been shared with me didn't show up. 

3) I noticed the toolbar in the whiteboard when in in-meeting mode is pretty limited compared to the toolbar when using whiteboard outside of a meeting. For example, the "grab" tool to move around the whiteboard without selecting items is missing which is of course very limiting. 

4) Is there a way for participants to have the option of contributing/ collaborating on the Whiteboard anonymously? (Without attribution to their user-name). 

5) Are there planned updates for keyboard accessible alternatives for navigating the whiteboard? 


Thanks! Would appreciate any insight on these issues 




I have had similar experiences as OP. In addition I have created whiteboards in my profile online which include pictures (e.g. jpg). They show up fine for me when shared in a meeting but participants to not see them at all. Participants upgraded desktop client to current version - 5.11.0 as of today. 

Any idea why this is - and more importantly, how to resolve it?



I too am experiencing this issue. Whiteboards I have created contain jpg images and text. When I share and collaborate the whiteboard to meeting participants, those participants that are within my organisation are able to see both image and text, whilst external participants are only able to see the text - the images are not visible to them at all. This has been consistent throughout several zoom meetings during August 2022.


In two separate groups, I have utilized the white board and at least 1/3 of the people did not see the tool bar so they could make notes on the whiteboard.  I cannot figure out why some people can and some cannot.  It's very frustrating. 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Jac_85 

  1. There are some features that are currently not available in the in-meeting WB experience, but the team is working on achieving parity with the out-of-meeting experience to close the gap. 
  2. Not sure about that issue, but wondering if you are still having this issue now? 
  3. Similar to point #1, lots of tools and abilities that already exist in the out-of-meeting experience are coming to the in-meeting experience. 
  4. Not sure if this is on the roadmap, but you can submit a feature request here:
  5. Same as #4, not sure about the roadmap, but that would be a good feature request. 

@Nige_Dann I'm not aware of any issues related to images not appearing when uploaded from the web WB. Are you still experiencing this issue? 

@heddent were all the participants on the most recent version of the Zoom app? It could be they were on an older version that didn't support as many options. 

I would think they are all on the same version since it is a corporate account.  We all get the updates pushed out us.  

@Bort I can confirm I am also experiencing the issue that @Nige_Dann reported (Aug '22)