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Extensions and Phone Numbers


Hi everyone!

We are new to Zoom, and I'm a little confused with the extensions and phone numbers.  We have one phone license and one phone number.  I've assigned it as the main company number with an auto-receptionist.  My boss is license holder.  So if someone calls the number, I thought they could put in my extension (I don't have a number) but it just says the person is not available.  Do I have to have a phone number in order to receive calls by extension?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Elizabeth,


Welcome to Zoom. Currently, Since you only have one license assigned to your Boss, he can receive incoming calls. Autoreceptionist will be setup to receive the call which can be routed to your Boss since they are the license holder. If you want to receive the call too, you will need a license as well. 

You can route the main number call from the autoreceptionist to a Queue, which could include both you and your boss. When a call comes, it will be routed to the members of the queue that is you and your Boss.

Alternatively, as long as you have a license too, the Autoreceptionist calls can be directly routed you to user ( that is you. You will need a license to be assigned to your user.


We also have a video which shows you how to assign a package ( license ) and additionally phone number if you need it.


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