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video issues (definitely at both ends)


Is this an issue with zoom, or my web cam?

My feed often reflecting other person's feed.

(even when other person logs off, exasperated, it can still show their image)

My feed or 'them' as my feed - any of these;

Strip along top.

Various patterns.

Strips of colour.


Moving up screen, or still.

Definitely at both ends.

(Only one image attached as other images have a child in).

Or freezing and looping same few seconds (have this on a recording, but not attached).

I have had this in a couple of meetings in February (UK morning/lunchtime). 

Also one mid March (UK lunchtime).

Sometimes I can unshow/reshow video and fine (eg mid March).

Other times it's not fine, and I have to go out meeting/back in.  This wastes a lot of time.

Have seen other people showing the same thing (UK evenings), and only recently, which was why I wondered if it was zoom.

Until today (just reinstalled), was on 5.13.3 (11494).  Installed 24 jan. 


Windows 7.

It is an old pc, quite slow.   I clear cache/temp files regularly, always before a meeting, and switch off rather than standby.

Web cam (not incorporated); Papalook HD720p.  Laptop device manger saying working properly and that the driver up to date.

Internet speed of 35mbps ish.

I don't use zoom that much but rely on it when I do....

It only occurs occasionally, mid  meeting, so bit hard to test.  When I log in to a meeting by myself, web cam picture seems fine.

Many thanks