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Using Samsung Flip 2 for conference meetings


We are looking to deploy some of the Samsung Touch Flip 2's displays in our environment, especially in collaboration spaces. It would be great to hear you all talk about your experience in deployment and Management. Did you use Zoom Rooms or Teams Meetings as the preferred UC tool? 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Ali, it's been some time since you've posted this.


This integration is from Zoom meetings -- extra hardware will be required. You can look into this article.


There is a bundle Flip 2 + Logitech for Zoom Rooms. You can Look into this video


Unfortunately, at this time there is no support for ZR in portrait today. You can leave your feedback at Thanks!


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None of this link explain how I can use my Samsung Flip 2 as a white board during Zoom meeting.
it seems like Cisco has a better integration.

Any update on how to use the samsung flip 2 as a white board during webinar?


Is there a plan to support it?



We are triyng to figure it out too. We want to share de Flip screen on a meeting using the Zoom application. We have Zoom room account on a PC and we want to export the Flip screen to it. We are pointing a laptop camera to the Flip to the zoom participants be able to see what we are doing on the Samsung Flip.
When we click on screen share on the Flip, we can't find the Zoom Room app or the PC to share. We can do the inverse, share the PC screen on the Flip, but it is not what we want.

Thanks for your question Biecio. We have the same issue here, looking for a solution.

Dear zoom team, can you help ?