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O365 error when scheduling meeting: "Zoom is working on your Add a Zoom Meeting request"

I'm supporting a remote employee who's just recently begun seeing this error message ("Zoom is working on your Add a Zoom Meeting request"). In Office 365 Online, when attempting to add a Zoom meeting to a calendar event, the message appears, and no Zoom meeting is scheduled.
Device is a PC running Windows 11 Pro.

Steps I've tried:

  • Updated the Zoom client

  • Updated the Outlook plugin

  • Tried a different browser (Edge)

  • Updated the Zoom browser extension (Chrome)

  • Redeployed the O365 add-in from the O365 Admin portal

  • Deleted all cookies and logged back in to the Zoom web portal

  • Verified that O365 integration was set up in the Zoom web portal

  • Enabled third-party cookies
I found one other post in the forums about this issue, but the solutions suggested (enabling third-party cookies, logging into the web portal in the same browser) don't seem to do anything. Microsoft support claims that this is an issue on Zoom's end, so I'm kinda stuck at the point. Anyone have any ideas?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi, Joseph.


Since you do not mention other users are affected too, it is probably related to this user's environment or settings in Zoom and/or 0365. My recommendation is to:


1. Either use the add-in or the plugin but do not use them both. It makes troubleshooting harder and the user only needs one of them, anyway.

2. Contact Zoom tech support. they can help you with this:



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