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Name not showing what profile has, can't change it either. I see others have had this same problem


My partner is having the  problem of her name......her name keeps saying Gi and Kathy.. and she changed her profile name and display name to gi  using and it keeps showing Gi and Kathy when she gets into a meeting. It seems to work at first but then a new meeting she joins it is not changing. Is this a bug? We don't see anywhere where it says Gi and Kathy in her profile so where is it getting it from?  Also I am the admin and the host of the mtgs.. and i have set up for the meetings: Allow user to change their name when joining a meeting  (this is OFF now as I want the profile name to appear) (it was ON before but does not seem to change either way) and Allow participants to rename themselves (this is ON). HELP!!!!!  She is getting really frustrated and I am too!