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Bluetooth headphones not working with Zoom


I'm a college senior in an online program and most of my classes meet over Zoom. I recently upgraded to Windows 11 and my headphones (which worked fine as both speaker and microphone this spring) no longer work as a speaker. I used the same headphones to connect to a Google Meet session with no problems just this week.

Relevant hardware and software information:

  • Device: Inspiron 3793 laptop
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 11 Home, version 10.0.22621 (22621)
  • Headphones: JBL TUNE510BT
  • Zoom version: 5.15.10 (20823)

In trying to resolve this, I have:

  • removed and reconnected the headphones
  • checked the volume mixer levels
  • switched devices in Zoom and come back to the headphones
  • ensured everything has the latest updates
  • tried the solution found here

I'm not sure whether it's relevant to this issue, but when I open Zoom, the sound mixer shows "Zoom" and "Zoom Meetings" in the list of programs.

Any ideas from the community?



It has been many years now that Zoom over Bluetooth audio has only worked sporadically on Windows and never (for me and MANY others who complain about this) on any Android device I've tried. In all this time (and I have reported it) their support page continues to state that if it doesn't work you must have a problem on your device. At this point, they either don't have active development going on, don't want to spend time fixing bugs or have some other bias against wireless audio that they don't want to disclose. It's too bad.. they've done good things and bad support like this can make them lose out to their many competitors.