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12/28/2022 Zoom Update Video Freeze With Flashing Multi Colored Screen


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Zoom rolled out a system update on 12/28/2022 which caused video issues to occur, freezing with flashing multi colors occurs. I have reported this issue each time there is an issue, which means this occurs repeatedly during zoom sessions.  Still waiting for a patch to correct this problem. Frustrated user,

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I've got the same problem. It's been 5 days now.

If you, or I, have the chance to get a solution, I'll share it with you and, please, share it with me if you happen to get it. 

Same issue since 12/28/22 rollout. Definitely  will share any resolution!

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @Mokihana


 The software updates that we send will ask you if you would like to update it now or at a later time. I would suggest that you always update the system after a Zoom meeting has ended and not at the time of the session. 


Video freezing is typically the CPU not being able to handle all of the processes that are happening all at once, and is not necessarily a Zoom issue but a CPU issue. I recommend that you close out a few applications before joining or hosting a Zoom meeting so that your user experience will be better. 


Would you please review this documentation


Please let me know if there is anything further I can do to assist you. 




Brandon (he/him/his)
Zoom Community Champion
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi Mokihana,


when you are experiencing this issue, please go to settings -> statistics to troubleshoot.  take a look at the overall, audio and video statistics.  


thanks,  eliot

Mahalo for response Brandon. I believe this not to be a CPU issue. No other applications are running when I have Zoom. This issue is new to what appears to be many users across the Zoom platform and not just my system as of 12/28/2022 rollout. I have ckd system settings already. Any assistance greatly appreciated

it doesn't even everithing else is closed. Skype works very well...

stop confusing people with"lower specced computers" and weak cpu, i have this problem on both of my laptops. one of them is the newest model of MSI modern 15 and the other one is a gaming laptop able to handle unreal engine modeling, the problem appeared after the update so it's only about ZOOM's crook-handed programmers

This is an unhelpful response. (1) I have no CPU issues with my computer, and I know what I'm talking about. (2) The issue occurred only after the Zoom upgrade, and has been repeated by many other users, including the person making this complaint. The image she uploaded replicates what happens to me now in every Zoom session. (3) When using Zoom I usually have only one other application open (PowerPoint), and the issue just occurred again today at a meeting when I had no applications open except Zoom. So closing down other applications is not a solution. I've heard this same complaint from many who regularly participate in Zoom meetings and see the videos of other users demonstrate the same effect: strobing, freezing, colors fading, a distorted line at the top of the video. So please come up with a solution instead of telling us the problem is with our computers.


Based on the last comments/support, I've tried everything; I even format my computer to "clean it" and it didn't work at all. 


Hope you can suggest something else.


PS. Those, who haven't updated ZOOM, do not have this trouble. 




Pre 12/27/22 had zero issues... Only the new update caused the freeze... I'm so frustrated. I too have ckd settings to no avail...grrrrr!



I am facing the exact same issue. It occurred only after the update and its very annoying. I am trying to research other options of teaching online as its creating disruption in my work. Has anyone found a solution or can suggest an alternative software plz. would really appreciate if anyone can share. Thank you. 



—edit January 16th —

Zoom has today released a new update (5.13.5), and the issue seems to be fixed.

If you're still facing issues try going to the Zoom video settings > Advanced and then turning off "Optimize the quality of the video with de-noise"


(see above)
Currently installing an older version of Zoom is the only way to fix it, below an official link for the latest version on 5.12.x for macOS. You'll need to uninstall your current version with Zoom open via the menubar. Make sure to avoid any update prompts until a fixed version has been installed.


Zoom Client 5.12.9 [macOS]


Windows :

5.12.9 64-bit:


5.12.9 32-bit:




Remember that it's generally not recommended to install an older version of Zoom so this is only a solution until the 5.13+ branch gets fixed.

That worked perfectly! Thank you so much. I had suspected it had something to do with the latest upgrade. Hopefully Zoom will issue a new upgrade to fix this soon, as I have begun to see this problem a lot in my Zoom meetings.


Aloha e Ken, is the freezing screen no longer an issue with the temporary fix? Zoom sent me a link to update to 5.13.4 and I hesitate since their update has nothing to do with  correcting this major bug. Also, are you on Windows? Mahalo.

Thank you so much, your suggestion seems to be working for me as well! I started having these problems (of the camera flashing and glitching and flickering) right after the update yesterday. One of my colleagues is experiencing the same issues. Hopefully, they will get it fixed soon! For now, we will be using the older version you have suggested! Thank you again!

Thank you so much!


This worked fantasticly! We hope Zoom fixes the glitch.


You've saved, not only my, but everyone's, with this same issue, life, work, school, etc. 



Thank you very much! Been looking for a solution all day long.

It Works!!! Thankyou...

Please zoom fixes these problem quickly!!!

Fixed!  Thank you for sharing the link to the older version.  


same problem : i loose money and clients


same issue.  mine is mainly happening on my window only (i and others in mtg room can see it) and then sometimes when i leave and reenter, it is flashing only on certain other people's video in my mtgs. The audio is unaffected.

I am using American Sign Language in these mtgs so it's unusable if there is visal interruption of any kind. 


This is happening for us in multiple Zoom rooms, since 22 December New Zealand time. 


The camera video is fine to begin with, but as soon as any other participants join the call it starts flashing green and looping the last couple seconds of video. We have to turn our room camera off, which is obviously less-than-ideal. 


Poked around other sites and found this response from Zoom Support: Appears the fix will occur 01/16/2023

Chris V. (Zoom)

Jan 12, 2023, 12:15 EST

Thank you for contacting Zoom Support, my name is Chris and I'll be working on this ticket with you.
I understand you are experiencing video issues after updating to the latest Zoom Version 5.13. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience.
Our Engineers have reproduced the issue and found the root cause, the video de-noise function goes wrong when the CPU usage is high on some computers with low-performance CPUs. 
The issue is expected to be fixed on the 5.13.5 version which will be released next Monday, January 16th.

While waiting for a fix, we have these work arounds that can resolve the issue for the time being: 
Work Around 1 - Disabling video de-noise in the advanced video settings can avoid the issue.

On your Zoom App, Go to > Settings ( By clicking on the Upper right hand corner 'gear icon')
Select ‘Video’ > Advanced > Uncheck  ‘Optimize quality of the video | send with de-noise
Work Around 2 - Roll back to Previous Zoom Version 5.12.9 (Downgrading to 5.12.9 fixes the issue)
Roll back and re-install instructions for Windows
First uninstall the current Zoom version (Windows)
The following steps should help get the old installation cleared, and get Zoom reinstalled and working for you.
Could you please run the CleanZoom application in the attachments, and then restart your computer when it's finished?
Once done restarting please visit this link  
EXE 64-bit: this will automatically download the previous version for you.
Roll back and re-install instructions for MAC
Click on the Zoom Icon at the dock while you have the Zoom Client running.
On the upper left you will see, click on Uninstall
Once Zoom is completely uninstalled,  visit this link below to roll back to the previous version.
For Intel Processors
M1 Processor version:



This has been driving me crazy since 1/11 and I'm relieved to hear that there is an actual reason for it.  Thought it was the webcam.  Uninstalled/reinstalled webcam twice, Zoom once.  Could not of course phone Zoom despite being a paying client (snarl), and only just now found the lot of you.  It is now the 19th; supposedly was to be fixed on the 16th?  Mine is still doing it.  I'll try all these processes tomorrow; can't face it just now.  At this point should I still reinstall the older version 5.12.9?  THANK YOU ALL; I'm so happy to have found you!

Zoom update to correct this issue rolled out in 1/16/23 to v. 5.13.5

This should correct the freezing issues everyone is having. I've been away so have not had ability to update .

Temporary solution which worked for me was to uncheck box "optimize video quality with de-noise"

Go to: Settings>Video>Advanced>Optimize Video Quality With De-noise 

You can upgrade when you receive notice for v. 5.13.5 Hope this helps. 

Zoom started an update on Monday and I let it finish the update, but then had the same problems! I didn't check what the version was as I was in a hurry, but had to uninstall it again and go back to the older version. Will do an update this weekend and see how it goes.

I'm still seeing messages about problems; are y'all still having this?  I had it (shaking, freezing, flashing green&yellow, top have disappearing under noise) until a week or 2 ago when I followed Mokihana's suggestion to Go to: Settings>Video>Advanced>Optimize Video Quality With De-noise.  Since then I have not had that problem.  I HAVE, however, had a problem with the camera OR Zoom, in which the image is not good:  in full-screen mode you see the pixels at edges of images, contrast is low, all is kinda bluish and shadowy.  I haven't really tested the camera in other apps but it is a good quality camera.  Has anybody else had THIS problem?

--and "turn off de-noise" I meant to add.

I have gone to Settings, Video, but there is no Advanced setting or Optimize video. I can't find it?



Thanks for sharing! 


I am still having the flashing video screen. I will try the fix but this is March. It hasn't been fixed yet?

I am still using this version, ´cause, apparently, this issue hasn't been fixed yet, based on some other comments besides yours. 

Windows :

5.12.9 64-bit:


For what it's worth, we haven't seen this problem in our rooms since the upgrade in January. So it seems that maybe the fix was only for some platforms or configurations?


I don't think we changed any video quality settings, we were fortunate to be able to ignore the problem (because of holidays) until it was fixed.