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/zoom no longer providing meeting links, only Join button


Hi, something changed recently with our Zoom plugin in slack.  The /zoom command used to provide a link to the meeting but now only provides a join button.  The link was easy to use and share with my team but the button is cumbersome.  

The output used to look like this:

Zoom Link Good.png

 And now it looks like this:

Zoom Button Bad.png

Does anyone know why the format changed?  Is it possible this is a configuration issue?  One obvious difference is the line at the top about 'In accordance with your settings a passcode has been generated'.  (I don't have privileges to configure the settings within my organization so I can't even test if that's the issue).

The reason that this is so cumbersome is that I can't use Zoom on the same PC where I use slack.  I use remote desktop to access my work PC where I run Slack but in order to have access to my headset and microphone I need to run Zoom on my local machine (yes, I know you can use USB pass through to use them through remote desktop but in practice that introduces a significant delay).  With the old post format, I could right click on the link to copy it and open it on my local machine.  With the new post format I need to click the Join button, close the Zoom meeting window that opens, grab the link from the web browser, then join from my local PC as I did before.  It's only a few extra steps but it's very annoying.