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Whiteboard Sharing


Hello. I am having trouble emailing a whiteboard. When I type in an email address (, for example) and click 'Share', I am given a prompt that reads: "___(my name)____________ has disabled collaboration with users outside your organization". What does this mean and how can I email/share my whiteboard with users? I've attached a screenshot for reference. Thank you!



@hstewart107 Your Zoom Admin has configured your account for share the Whiteboard within your organization only in the whiteboard account settings. This prevents users from sharing sensitive content with external persons. If you are not using a managed business, education account and have access to the account settings you can enable sharing with everyone.

Thank you, ZoomBulla, for your thoughtful explanation of sharing the Whiteboard within an organization. I am the Zoom Admin for the account. How do I adjust the account settings so I can enable sharing with everyone? Thank you, again!

Yes, How do we enable sharing with everyone???