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starting a meeting from a zoom room


We have DTEN ON55 units with Zoom Room license. How do we host a meeting using the Zoom Room license? Does this eliminate the 40-minute meeting length restriction?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @RSBCinfotech highly suggest looking over the knowledge base articles on Getting Started with Zoom Rooms to get yourself familiar with the setup, and the hardware you're using. 


As to my understanding, the host that is starting the Zoom Room needs a pro license type in-order to remove the 40 minute limitation. The Zoom Room license is to deploy a full Zoom Room, as your account must include Zoom Room licenses or a free 30-day trial of Zoom Rooms. 


There is a Limitation to Basic accounts in which the way if the meeting was launched before launching the Zoom Room, will make that limitation apply. Recommended launching the meetings directly in the Zoom Rooms. It would also be best if the hosts added scheduled meetings to the Zoom Room’s calendar resource so that it would appear in the upcoming meetings from the Zoom Room itself, and starting it from there won’t be an issue.


Hope this helps clarify things! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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