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Zoom room "Join" disappears after a few seconds


So we have 4 zoom rooms.  2 have Poly x30 with TC8 controllers (Android) which we cannot get teams invites to work at all with. 


We have 2 other rooms that are setup differently.  One has a laptop which runs the room and is connected to an eagle eye camera and a trio 8800.  When we send teams invites to this room, the "join" button will sometimes show up for 5-10 seconds right when the meeting shows up on the trio, but then disappears after that and wont come back.  We have the same in the other room that has a poly x50 with a trio c60.  Why is this happening, and how do we get it so ALL the rooms will accept teams invites?  I have turned on the 3rd party options in the zoom admin console, and the rooms are all configured and have worked correctly for over a year now.


On a side note--and i think this may be part of the issue--i cannot get the trio devices to update from 5.9.4 to the newest firmware (  I have a ticket in with Poly about that, but im not optimistic ill get any response.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @jerrodbug , Does the Teams URL invite start with or is it If it's URL is that would be something it should work with. 

Also check out this article about direct guest join for teams:


Have any of these answered your question? If so, don’t forget to mark the reply as an accepted solution.

Yes, the Teams invite starts with  and i have read and done everything in that article multiple times now.  


Also, from what i have been able to determine is that Zoom is restricting the firmware on the devices, which is why i cannot upgrade it to the lastest version that Poly has available.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @jerrodbug , I believe it would be best to get this taken a look at via a support ticket. I have requested this support ticket to be opened for this issue, Ticket #13818507.



Did you ever figure this out? I am having an issue where zoom invites do the exact same thing - start or join button disappears after a few seconds.


Having the same issue on a Zoom room controller, MS Teams meeting show 'join' button for a few second and then disappears, any solution would be appreciated?

After a lot of struggling I created a new O365 calendar for the room and the issue disappeared. Something seems to have gone awry with the original calendar and I could not find any differences in the settings between it and other Zoom Room connected O365 calendars, so I decided to start over with a new calendar.