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Zoom iPad's Device Name Missing after updating to iOS 16.1


Hi Zoom Community,


I have a weird problem. I manage my Org's Zoom Infrastructure, and after updating iPads to iOS 16.1, the Device Names of all my Controllers and Scheduler changed to "iPad". We don't currently use ZDM but we are exploring this option. Our Current MDM for our iPads is JAMF. 


Now the device names were not lost elsewhere. In our Jamf MDM and on the iPad itself, the Device name or Hostname has stayed. But Zoom reports the name is "iPad on their Admin console. This has made remotely managing our zoom inventory difficult. All iPads not yet updated to 16.1 still have their proper device name.

But after updating, or if I build a brand new iPad that is already on 16.1, the Device name will be "iPad"


With Our MDM we don't have mush custom configuration pertaining to the Zoom app. There isn't anything we have identified from out MDM to be blocking the name yet. On our Zoom Computers, new updates didn't revert any names, and even if it did, we still can manage by Serial Number, but for iPads,  Zoom doesn't see this at all.

Has anyone else experience this issue?

What are your recommendations?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @ZukoPapy ,


      Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Community! I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with iPad device names changing after updating the iOS to 16.1. Upon further finding there was an update in the privacy policy from Apple's side. In iOS16 & later, Apple has changed the user-assigned-device-name as a privacy item, and only returns the generic device name.


Entitlement link: Apple Developer Documentation the change was due to changes made in the privacy policy from Apple. Please reach out to Apple Support for further assistance.




Hello @ZukoPapy and @ZoomerIT 


We are having I think same issue and have considerable trouble shooting, but have not resorted to Apple Support just yet.  


By chance can you two confirm our issues are the same?


In our case, after iOS update AND Zoom Room software updates, I have observed iPad Device Name(s) are different on the iPad:

  1. In iOS v16.3 Settings > General > About > Name is, in fact: sct-conf-240-controls
  2. In Zoom Room App v5.13.6 Settings > About > Device Name is simply iPad.

BUT ON Zoom Room Portal uses simply iPad on...    https://<ourcompany>


@ZukoPapy  can you confirm you see the same in your case - that iPadOS Device Name did not change, but Zoom Room Device Name did?


@ZoomerIT  can you also confirm the same indications are consistent with Entitlement link: Apple Developer Documentation  


NOTE:  Like you, we do not use ZDM but use MDM from Cisco Meraki.  We use this to control/push updates remotely to Zoom Room iPads.

Hi @MDHutch This is the same exact issue we are facing. 


We have out Assets named (for Example BOS-PAD-9999) in Jamf and that is the Hostname on the device, but in Zoom, After the 16.1 Update, the Name inside of Zoom is "iPad" even though the Hostname appears correctly on the device,

I will add I did reach out to Zoom Support and was told that this was a known Issue and would be resolved in the Next release in January.