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Zoom classroom-conference room set -up


I teach a sunday school class where I have a combination of live attendance and virtual zoom attendance.  It is hard for the zoom attendance members to hear the comments of the classroom.  I have a lapel mike connected by usb that I use and two Anker Ultra Clear portable conference speaker speaker phone.  The problem is that apparently Zoom only accepts two connections.  How can I connect the second bluetooth speaker phone?


Community Champion

Hello @rickmanpartners ,


 I would use a switch or a hub like a hub that would allow you to have multiple connections of USB, HDMI, DPI or whatever hardware that you are using to connect using USB to your device endpoint. I currently use the StartTech option for my computing needs but you can also use a KVM as well and I know that their are a ton of options on Amazon at present. 


I hope this helps. 


I am hopeful that this response is helpful to you!