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When joining a Zoom meeting from a Teams room, the room sends no video


Hello, I've raised a ticket with support but perhaps someone in the community has found a solution already.


We have Teams Rooms set up that use Yealink MVC room systems, running Microsoft Teams Rooms software version (1/10/2023) and Windows 10.0.19044.


The rooms function perfectly when used only for Teams.


When used for Zoom, 

  • Video from an attendee to the room works.
  • Screen share from an attendee to the room works.
  • Video from the room to the attendee does not work, though the room camera does become active and remove its lens cap. On the attendees screen the room name is replaced by a black square when the room video is switched on.

This is repeatable across several Zoom meetings and room systems, this one was today 26/01/2023 at 11:42 UTC.


Is anyone else experiencing this? I've tried deactivating the Zoom function in the Microsoft Teams Rooms software, rebooting, reactivating it and rebooting again, but it has not helped.





I have similer issue. Have you got a reply from support?


Just for your info, updating farmware resolved my issue. 



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