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Welcome to the Rooms and Workspaces Board!

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Welcome! 👋


We are excited to have you in the Rooms & Workspaces Community! Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment to learn and expand on ideas regardless of experience levels. 


New to Rooms & Workspaces, check out our Getting Started page!


For the board:


  • Ask questions! If you have it, chances are someone else does too!
  • Become a contributor - your experience is invaluable! With a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, we can help each other in meaningful ways!
  • Explore and Enjoy!


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About Me

I’m Tom, a small town midwesterner that tends to put ranch on everything.  I have a background in AV and Acoustics.  You will see me (and other team members) all throughout this forum!  Please feel free to reach out!




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Zoomalorian 


Good stuff!


The Rooms and Workspaces Board should be a great place to discuss all features (and the challenges) of the solutions in this areas.


I think rooms and hybrid spaces and collaborative technology are are all a great mix when done right.  Helping people find the right mix, and tuning the right solutions, to provide excellent experiences and productive outcomes is what I am all about! So I am looking to getting more involved in the Rooms and Workspaces Board moving forward.


About Me

I'm Rupert in Dallas, Texas - originally from London, England.  I've lived in the USA for 12 years and have a total of 25 years experience IT & Operations, Telecom and Facilities Management - with a background in Electrical Engineering. I use (and manage) Zoom extensively in collaborative and remote contribution pipelines, including 1080p and using Zoom Rooms and NDI into live Productions and hybrid events. I am a particular fan of integration (being an engineer at heart) in both with hardware and software, physical or virtual. 


I think Zoom Rooms, and even all the Personal Collaboration Devices, are a great way to leverage the versatility and power of Zoom - in environments ranging from large events, right down to Zoom For Home!


I have been a beta tester for Zoom Rooms in the past, I am a Business account holder with Zoom, and I have been a trial user on Zoom Events on OnZoom .  I am also a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.


I participate in several Zoom-centered technical communities. The Zoom Community being the newest for me. 









Hi Tom;  My name is Richard.  When I want students to sign in and wait for me, I have a picture of an owl that they will see but it is not centred properly.  How do I fix that?


Hi Tom,


I am REQUIRED to use a ZOOM Business license.  I want to use conference room hardware like a rally bar or some other stand alone devise.  I am not allowed to use a ZOOM Rooms license.  Is there a compatible conference room devise or work around? 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



You may, depending on your situation, be able to utilize a Personal Zoom Room.  You can see the requirements here.  


In the article, it says "You can provision devices for any user in your organization without using any of your Zoom Rooms licenses. However, to enable the optional Personal Zoom Rooms Pro device functionality, a Zoom Rooms license is required."


Hopefully, this works for you.