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Switch meeting room integration from Exchange to Office 365


Hi Community,

First time posting here. We have recently migrated to Office 365 from Exchange on-premises and urgently looking to change our integration of Zoom rooms from current 'Exchange' On-Premises setup to Office 365 (Room Mailboxes are still on-premises hence it's still working. However, we're deprecating Exchange server next week hence this is shift is urgent for us. I looked at the documentation but could not find anything specific to this change. 


My questions are:

  1. Current integration is with Exchange Server 2016. How this can be seamlessly changed to Office 365? Is it even possible?
  2. Do we need to create the room mailboxes in 365 first and then configure a new connector to integrate them? Or can we migrate the existing room mailboxes straight up and change the integration connector towards 365?


Really appreciate any inputs/suggestions on this as we're desperate to sort this one out. Thank you so much!