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Sharing various types of content in Zoom Room thru HDMI connection


Is there a best practice for sharing different types of content to zoom rooms (powered by PolyCom X50 with a TC8 controller) using a laptop connected by HDMI cable?


We keep running into sharing problems.  Here is an example.  An instructor might start with a PowerPoint.  Then they want to go  (thru a different web browser) to a website to show video.  Or play audio.  When they come back to the PowerPoint, the slide deck on the shared screen is not showing what is on the laptop screen.  So far, the only solution has been to exit out of the PowerPoint (vs minimizing), then bring it back up. 


The process for sharing various media seems very kluge.  Beyond simply embedding everything into the PowerPoint, is there a more simple way of going back and forth between media when sharing to the meeting?


We had the original impression that we could share the laptop screen to the meeting in Zoom Room more freely!