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Re-connecting existing Zoom Rooms to different location


Hi all, 

Trying to connect existing licensed Zoom Rooms (4 total) to a new location, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to sign into them. Given that I am a Zoom Admin, is it safe to go into the Zoom Rooms list under "Room Management" and REGENERATE an activation code to sign into the rooms? My fear is that doing so might add another Zoom Rooms license or am I wrong? 




The activation code is to allow your room to be 'activated' in the Portal. It tells Zoom that your room is licensed and allows you to access it's settings and such.

It will not add a license, you would have to have Zoom provision one for you. 

I recently migrated all of my rooms to a sub account and regenerated codes a number of times without issue. I find sometimes it is easier to do that than troubleshoot odd issues with the room PC or the iPads we use for controllers.

We do use Workspace ONE UEM for our MDM solution and each time I generate an activation code I have to go into WS1 (Airwatch) and enter that code into the Smartgroup for the iPad.