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Can't connect to Zoom room after room is assigned to an Ipad.


The message says to make sure zoom room is signed in (It is) and set this device and zoom Room to the same network. The computer is wired, and the Ipad is wifi. The Ipad is enrolled in zdm and assigned to the room. i am not sure which way to go next.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

This could be the result of several issues.

Can you confirm that the iPad and Zoom Room compute device are both on the same subnet/VLAN, in addition to being on the same corporate network? 

Have you tried signing out of the iPad (temporarily leaving ASAM) and toggling Wi-Fi off/on? This may sometimes resolve the issue if devices are already confirmed to be on the same subnet.


One of the reasons our org is moving away from iPads is that they aren't great devices for true ZDM and don't always behave reliably!