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Zoom Call Transfers Ringing all Call Queue members desk phones


We have a Call Queue on our account that has 3 members who answer any calls that come in to that queue. They are experiencing a weird issue when they go to transfer a phone call to an internal user - all 3 members in the Call Queue will have their desk phones (Polycom VVX 501) ring simultaneously and the member transferring the call will also have their phone ring like there is a call incoming but no display on the desk phone. They also mention that whenever internal users call each other on Zoom, their desk phones will ring as well.


I have done numerous testing with this to determine the cause but I can't seem to find the solution. I have tried adding myself to Call Queue and see if my Zoom apps ring as above (nothing), I have checked call logs in Zoom admin portal and did not find any issues with call flow as stated. 

I am unsure if this is a phone setting or a Call Queue setting that I am missing.


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Any additional information needed, I can add!


Thank you so much~!