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Wireless Dect headsets that connect to a ZOOM hard phone



I am going to be recommending  to my company some ZOOM hard phones with a connect DECT wireless headset. Particularly these 2 models


Model 1: Yealink WH62 Dual DECT Wireless

Model 2: Plantronics Savi 8220 Dual Headset


Some questions

1 - Has anyone used these models and do you have anything good or bad to say about them

2- Does this combination of ZOOM phone and headset support the following

a. Ring notification - a tone you hear telling you the phone is ringing in your headset

b. Call pickup using JUST the headset

c.Call disconnect using JUST the headset


Does anyone have a GOTO model of PHONE and conencted  WIRELESS DECT headset that  they know works very well ?




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @HowieMendoza, here may be some KBs that'll help you answer your questions and to set up your equipment. I'd recommend looking them over in order.



Yealink also has a tutorial on How to connect Yealink WH62&WH63 to your PC or desk phone which may help!



Sync Buttons on Headset


If you're looking into syncing your headset buttons with Zoom, you can look into configuring this within your Zoom client settings > Audio > Sync Buttons on Headset


I hope this helps! 


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