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Really horrible on-boarding/main phone number deleted


Hey Zoom team,


I was trying to set up our new zoom phone system since we got all our numbers ported today but when adding the auto-assistant I thought I needed to change the number but when I removed the number from the Auto-assistant it completely deleted our newly ported main phone number for our business. I contacted support to see what could be done but after an hour they sent me an email to a place to open a ticket to recover the number and I'm not even sure if I filled out the ticket correctly. We cannot receive phone calls to our business and I'm wondering how long it may be before we get our number back in our account or what the chances of getting our number back at all?


Honestly, it is a horrible UX design to be able to delete a phone number entirely from the account through the auto-assistant section. Why wouldn't the number just go back in to unassigned? 



This has been resolved. They were able to add it back within a few hours in case anyone stumbles across this. Phew, panic mode for a minute deleting our whole companies main phone number lol


I've never seen it delete the number anywhere in the portal - are you sure you weren't looking in the Unassigned tab of the Phone Numbers  page? I've certainly had issues like that before - personally I think the design should be to have 1 page with the ability to filter between assigned and unassigned (if wanting to filter).


100% was deleted from the auto-assistant section when removing the number from there.