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Queue Calls stopped ringing phones


We have used call queues to route incoming calls successfully for months. Two months ago I made some small  changes to the setup, and tested it, and it worked. We were running fine for about 6 weeks. About 2 weeks ago team members reported not getting calls routed their cell phones, as one off events.  Today we had a customer report a call that was not recorded in the queue logs in the Zoom interface, and I cannot find his voicemail message although he left one. 

When I tested to try to troubleshoot the problem, no one's cell phone rang. I can see that Zoom shows it routed to our us, but our Zoom and cell phones didn't ring. I left a voicemail and it's not shown in the system. 

Is anyone else seeing issues with phone queues lately? 



I haven't seen any issues for our Call Queues - can you find the person's call in the standard call logs as opposed to the Call Queue reports?

Off the top of my head:

- verified people are "logged in" to the queue at that time?

- what are you using for the algorithm for Call Distribution?

- what is the Max Wait Time set to? (I'm wondering if you are having some interaction between the algorithm and max wait time before it goes to Overflow (which I assume is set to "Leave Voicemail to Current Extension"?)



Thanks for your reply. 


Yes, everyone was logged into the  queue at the time. 

The call queue settings and max wait time were the same for the missed call as they were for a test I did a few hours later. Overflow forwards to a VM extension. 

My test call shows up in the logs, my customer's call doesn't.  Neither voicemail can be found.  


It may be a weekend issue. Our routing  for the queues has been  functioning since Monday. I can see calls logged, and my folks are reporting that they are getting rings.  I know we have received calls on prior weekends, and I  have made no changes to the queues or routing, but looks like I'll be setting myself as the primary for on-call this Saturday and doing some testing.