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Pop up not happening while phone ringing - Cannot answer incoming call


This has been happening for several weeks now.  My cell phone (while away from my desk) will vibrate to all get out -- but no pop up appears that allows me to answer the phone.  So any incoming call on my Google Pixel just rings until it goes to voicemail. 


I haven't tested this theory yet, because it seems implausible, but is this happening because it is not on WIFI?

I have just uninstalled it on my phone to alleviate the frustration.  If there is a fix or answer, I'll reinstall, but this isn't worth the anxiety knowing I am missing a call, but have no way to answer it.   It's mocking me, LOL. 



Are you saying the Zoom app doesn't show a popup? If so, I did run into once someone on an android phone that had a similar issue that was caused by some kind of gaming enhancement app that manipulated notifications (presumably to reduce interruptions during gaming).