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Looking for suggestions on how to encourage your users to be signed into Zoom Phone


Hello Community,


Looking for some suggestions, ideas, on how you would handle this type of scenario (if you've run into this).


Context: We recently moved to Zoom Phone (less than a year) and we've gone away with traditional desk phones (everything soft phone in offices, exceptions for common area phones/emergency phones). The biggest issue we are running into at this stage is, a large number of our users just don't remember or think to ever log in. Some even don't even realize they aren't logged in. 


We've done full "mandatory" training sessions leading up to the transition to Zoom for everyone. There are training materials  and reference documents that we've shared with our users and made available  for them to access. We've sent comms out to our users with reminders to be signed in etc...


What else is there?! lol. In the past, unless you physically unplugged your phone, it always worked.


Looking for suggestions on what you have perhaps done in your organizations to encourage/remind/(force?) your users to be signed into their Zoom app so that they are available on the phone system.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, Pat!


What are you using for company messaging?  Consider looking into Zoom's Team Chat as an option.  Having both Team Chat and Phone available on the Zoom phone app would encourage them to be logged in more, I think.


In your training, did you cover the Contacts list thoroughly?  If Sally wants to meet with Joe, a simple Team Chat of "Hey, got a moment for a call?" can easily be turned into a Zoom meeting just by clicking the Meet icon on Joe's contact.


The more use they get out of having the Zoom app, the more likely they'll keep it logged in.


... and some things just take time.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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When I turn on my PC my Zoom app starts up Right away and logs me in. I never ever close it... I don't even know why it would be an issue. I work on my PC though. I'm assuming with softphones, you do too.


However, just treat it as your company's "time clock". If you're not on Zoom you're not working and you're considered a no call no show. If you are hourly, you're not getting paid. Problem solved, although that might not make them the happiest employees.

A lot of my work is done via communication though. We do everything through Zoom. Chat / IM, text, phone, meetings... I also have it linked to my Google Contacts. 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


Yes, I have to agree with @Matt-LACA you can stay signed in to the Zoom Desktop client which has your phone tab in it. I would enforce or push to all of your employees the Zoom desktop application so that they can have it "launch at start" and "stay logged in" that should clear up this issue. 


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Brandon (he/him/his)
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Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?