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How do I assign my toll-free number to the IVR and record greetings?


Where's the reference manual?


It would be nice to get a step by step setup in order, but I don't see anything like that.


I fumbled through adding the numbers to users. How do I assign my toll free number to the IRV and setup greetings, departments, etc.?



Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi tacopancakes,


You can add your toll free number to your auto receptionist, to a call queue, to a user, etc.  Here is screen shot of auto receptionist showing where to add your toll free number.




Here is a screen shot of ivr Audio Prompt showing ivr sample options for open hours.  You can customize the audio prompt anyway you want, i.e. "You have reached Taco Pancakes.  For orders, press 1; for our hours, press 2: for our location, press 3." To create your custom audio prompt, you have the options to use text to speech, computer microphone or upload professional recording.


The Action of pressing a button, can be to forward the call to a user, to a call queue, etc.  You specify what you want by clicking edit for the Key you want to use.





thanks,  eliot