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External callers labeled as potential scam


Hi! We have experienced in our organization that when someone transfers an external call to another user, it marks as "potential scam". Do you have any idea how to remove this? Thank you.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


Good day.  To clarify, you are saying that User A receives an inbound call from an outside party and the Caller ID is properly displayed but when User A transfers the call to User B, it is marked as Potential Scam.  Is that correct?  From within the Zoom Admin website, you can set how transferred calls are displayed under the company info section of the Phone Management.  This should keep the Caller ID as the outside caller's ID which would be the original name unless you have the box checked below.  



Is the transfer being picked up on the Zoom app on a mobile device, the Zoom app on a desktop client or on a physical phone device?   If it is on the Zoom app for a mobile device, does that person have a local app that maintains potential spam numbers?



Hi Bill.


I appreciate your response to this thread.

Yes, you are right. When Caller A transfers a call to Caller B, the outside caller is reflected as a potential spam on Caller B's Phone.


I will definitely have to check on that. Maybe they do have that kind of local app.


Thanks a lot for your help!