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disable opt out of registration form on zoom events


On zoom events people are able to opt-out of filling in registration details.


How do I disable this?


We want to know who is attending, our sponsors want to know what sort of companies we have attending, and we want to give people the option to provide their contact details to sponsors in the registration form. But if they have the optino of not filling in the form, people generally take it. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @karljeffery, are you referring to the On Zoom Events process of creating an event and there's an option for users to opt-out? Do you mind screenshotting what you're seeing as where you can opt-out of registration? 




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Hi, see screenshot, when we were using Zoom Event, about 43 of our 56 registrants chose not to share registration information.

So we decided to go back to Zoom Webinar which worked much better. 

These people were invited, so we already had their details on another system, but we didn't actually want to restrict sign-ups to only people we had invited, we wanted people to be able to register freely on an online form, as with Zoom webinar. So to be able to 'invite attendees by e-mail address' is no use to us.

Not sure if Zoom Events and On Zoom Events is the same thing.

I would recommend anyone running multi-session events to stick to Zoom webinar, it is much more user friendly, you have much more control, and you can be sure you know who your delegates are


Did support ever get back to you on this? I am also experiencing this issue. 

Zoom account manager said they put that in the product roadmap and expect to deploy in March 2022.  It would be too late for our virtual event and we are not comfortable taking the risks.  So we are staying with Zoom webinar for this time.  Hope zoom events can fix all their bugs soon.  


I am experiencing the same issue.    I cannot use Zoom event if we cannot capture user registration information.  




I am having the same issue and it's really frustrating as we have only realised after opening our event for registrations. This severely limits the usefulness of zoom events and I'll doubt we'll use zoom events for future events.


They released an update that fixes this issue, I believe. It forces users to check the box shown below before they can move to the payment page. It appears if they do not check it, they cannot move on.