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OnZOOM Host Forum Unanswered Backlog


I see that only 1 OnZOOM question was answered in April as of 4/21/2022. 4 questions were answered in all of March. None in February. 6 in January. That's 11 OnZOOM questions answered in all of 2022 as of 4/21.


Conversely, in Unanswered OnZOOM questions, there are 13 that were submitted in April, 16 unanswered that were submitted in March,  and 19 in February.  That's 48 unanswered OnZOOM questions in 2022 as of 4/21. None of the 48 have any comments attached to the question. 


If this is a "host forum" where we're answering other host's questions, how do we get the answers so we can facilitate self-sufficiency? I've only been able to get one question answered through your OnZOOM support chat service and I have no idea where to email for OnZOOM technical support. I've gone through the documentation on line and it's lacking a lot of info. Like customer reminders only go out 24-hours before the "first" event in recurring events. Not 24-hours before every event. And customized waiting rooms only apply to ZOOM meetings, they don't carry through to OnZOOM events.  There is some overlap between ZOOM settings, admin and personal, that carry through to OnZOOM events, but not the majority. I assumed when I created an event in ZOOM and converted it into an OnZOOM by linking through OnZOOM that I was bringing the properties of the meeting with me. That is ABSOLUTELY not the case. 

Either more documentation is needed so we can find our own answers, or we need a dedicated tech rep to clean up the current backlog in the forum and who can also provide real-time answers to our current questions.  Actually, both would be nice. Once the users get to know the product better we can help out, but first you need to teach us how to fish.

OnZOOM is too good to be treated like the red-headed stepchild. We'll keep driving it over the competitors if you help give us the tools! 



The tally for April 2022. 

24 OnZOOM questions submitted.

Community Champion

@rondorr , let's get your questions answered. Apologies for the delay here! 


I see where you're coming from about series events, and reminders going out prior to each occurrence, rather than just the first event. This feedback will be captured and delivered to the Product team at Zoom. 


Surely, many of the account-level settings and features would be nice to carry over from account to the OnZoom event. By design, when a converted event is published, the OnZoom event settings will override the original settings (name, description, date and time, and event security settings) for the selected Meeting ID. The event cannot be edited outside of OnZoom.