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zoom spamming my email



I am tired of getting this email. And there nowhere i could unsubscribe from this type of emails. Who nknow how to make Zoom stop sending me these emails?

Zoom Cloud recording has been disabled


Hello Araz,
This is a reminder that cloud recording has been disabled because your account has used up all of the available cloud storage space
Users who have Zoom IQ for Sales license can always use cloud recording.
7.22 GB (144% used)  of 5 GB
You can click "Upgrade" to purchase additional storage space, or click "Manage Recordings" to delete some files to make space.
 Upgrade   Manage Recordings 
Thank you,
The Zoom Team


Everyday, I receive a lot of spamming emails from the address ***********. I made the ticket to complain Zoom but did not get the good support as they told to me because of no-*********** is phishing email ( fake email ) and they also do not know who and where sent spamming emails to my Gmail.
Please be noted that I used my Gmail to register Zoom before and I see spamming emails are 3rd advertising email for Financial debt product, a block-chain, a soap or some study courses which I am sure they are true ( I mean the advertising emails ).

So, I want to ask :
1. Does anyone get this annoying problem like me ? If yes, what did you resolve ?
2. Is there any way to block all emails come from *********** ? as I used many tools and functions in both Outlook & Gmail and there is no good result.
3. If Zoom does not help me, who and where I can make my complaint in the next ? For an example, the US technology government or some one can help me work with Zoom ?
Because I must use this email for my daily Operations and I cannot give away it, please hep me


Cloud recording in Zoom Rooms allows you to record meeting video and audio to the Zoom Cloud where the recording file can then be downloaded and/or streamed in your browser. Once the meeting is over, a link to the recording can be sent to a user's email where it can be viewed or downloaded. The recording can also be accessed on the Zoom web portal


I get this fu king spam as well, this is why Zoom is failing and losing customers. No way to turn it off, so might as well just delete my account.